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Tomahawk Locker

Hey Thanks for Checking out our stash of Tactical Tomahawks to Buy. I call it the Tomahawk locker.

Safety first people!!

I am gonna put the ones that are reviewed on this site first, so you can check everything out. Dont forget to read the rest of my blog.

What you really need to know about the tomahawk locker is, if you find one you like, hover the mouse over it to see the name or click to be taken to the details page in another window.

Every Badass tactical tomahawk here, at besttacticatomahawk in our locker, is a tomahawk you can buy.

Here is the M48′s Zombie Apocalypse collection,  They have any color you want. These are a great quality for the price. I have an m48 tactical tomahawk reviewed here

Every tomahawk in this row is under 50 dollars!!!

Gil Hibben makes quality throwing tomahawks and some really wicked designs. Followed by wicked design from the Black Ronin line from united cutlery. The Black ronin are dirt cheap and grat for beginners, some report to stick it on there first throw.

Heres some love To BudK and their tomahawks.

Here are SOG’s also great quality for the price. Heres the review.

And the Extraction and Evasion Smith and wesson in the picture first. Followed by Cold Steel Tomahawks.

Cold Steel Has a Quality lineup of tactical Tomahawks as well

Heres more wooden handled Tomahawks.

Estwing makes very fancy blue tomahawk, and very rugged tomahawks with metal and leather handles.

Ill be back with more




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